Amico Project







Funded by Erasmus + Programme of the European Community


AMICO project aims to facilitate intra-European labour mobility and to tackle demand/supply mismatch in the ICT sector at European level.
Through its action, AMICO project will achieve the following results:

1. the professionalization of job counsellors, especially in relation to international job placement, will be enhanced through the design and development of an innovative curriculum;
2. matching skills at international level will be strengthened through a set of tailor-made tools;
3. the provision of services in support of intra-EU labour mobility will be improved, through the design of specific processes and procedures.


To this end, the corrective action of AMICO will lead to the following activities:

1. The design and development of a specialised curriculum in “Mobility Job Counsellor”, a specialisation course that will provide knowledge and expertise on job counselling with a transnational dimension.
2. The development of a toolkit aimed at analysing the competences and mobility needs expressed by enterprises, job seekers and young entrepreneurs in a transnational dimension;
3. The design and establishment of a Mobility Welcome Service (MWS), representing a guidance service and a physical point of contact between the mobility job counsellor and both job-seekers and employers interested in geographical labour mobility.


Project AMICO takes advantage of synergies among enterprises, universities and employment services to create 5 tangible outputs:

1. Mobility Job Counsellor Curriculum, consisting in a handbook containing the curriculum’s structure and objectives as well as all the didactic materials for its delivery;
2. Toolkit for the Validation and Quality Assurance of the Mobility Job Counsellor Curriculum, which will allow the transnational transferability of the curriculum, defining shared recognition and validation tools and quality assurance procedures;
3. Transnational Job Placement Toolkit, which includes i) tools for assessing business needs, and ii) tools for evaluating job-seekers skills in relation to the ICT sector. Both are designed in a way to be internationally comparable;
4. Mobility Welcome Service Handbook, providing practical guidelines to install the service;
5. Mobility Welcome Service Management Toolkit, consisting in a set of tools for managing effectively the service.

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