Multiplier Event – ERIFO, Italy

Tools for European labour mobility, Italy The Multiplier event took place in Rome, at ERIFO's premises in June, 2018.

The event beside dealing with the main results of the project has focused on the added value that the whole AMICO project gives to job mobility in Europe in the ICT sector. Ernesto Russo from CESFOR, Marco Vitiello from the La Sapienza University of Rome (partner of the project), Giovanna D'Alessandro, president of ERIFO took part to the event, while other project partners participated through Skype. Attendants were introduced to the AMICO project main aim and activities and to the MWS - Mobility Welcome Service opened at ERIFO. The speakers also talked about the relevance the Mobility Chart as a tool to enhance job mobility and better matching of skills at European level.