Multiplier Event 6 – CITIC, Spain

PROJECT AMICO – Tools for European labour mobility, Spain

The multiplier event E6 of AMICO project was held in collaboration with CITIC on 17th July 2018 in the city of Málaga (Spain). We chose this location because Málaga is an ITC centre and CITIC is working with ITC enterprises and entrepreneurs. A diverse group of 25 people attended the meeting. This group was made up by representatives of ITC enterprises. Education sector (high school, university and VET) and other participants as students or employees interested in labour mobility. The session had different sections: the general presentation of the project and main results and the explanation in depth of the Mobility Welcome Service. Questions of participants were answered during the session but at the end of the event the discussion and exchange of point of views continued in a lively debate. Feedback was very positive and we received some proposals to get more information on the implementation of the MWS. 17 out of twenty five participants responded to the evaluation questionnaire. Jointly to this report are attached the evidences of the event: agenda, presentations, evaluation of participants, picture and signature list.