Multiplier Event – GAP, Germany

PROJECT AMICO – Tools for European labour mobility, Germany

Saturday 09th of June 2018 1. MULTIPLIER EVENT This was the second Multiplier Events (ME) held in Germany. The second German ME was about inform about IT Mobility and disseminating the project results from the third, fourth and fifth Intellectual Outcome. Promotion Channels of the Invitation and Target Groups of the ME There were also three channels used for informing possible participants about the event. First, there were posters – used also in the first ME - and invitation flyers on the windows of the meeting center that invites possible participants who are interested in this field. Therefore the ME was held at the Vogelsang IP meeting place, a historically significant place that attracted a large number of visitors at the weekend. In advance invitation emails to the german strategic mailing list, vocal invitations to cooperating organisations such as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and various customer companies of GAP GmbH network were addressed. Furthermore local and nearby career guiders and counsellors as well as councelling training institutions were invited. In addition to direct e-mails, the invitation was also issued via the homepage, career advisor online newsletter and via facebook. The focus was on these target groups, because they are able to make job offers or know interested ICT specialists who are willing to go abroad to Europe. Participants HR managers, business partners or employees from various companies participated in the ME. Most of them were interested in finding contacts with ICT professionals abroad, some were interested in becoming mobile to find a job. In addition, representatives and lecturers from various private and public educational institutions as well as consultants and trainers took part. Since Claudia Falter also lectures personally, she has access to students at part-time universities. She lectures primarily in the areas of personnel management, personnel marketing and personnel research and was thus able to attract some interested participants who, in addition to their jobs, work in various companies in the areas of HR marketing and recruiting. A total of 27 people took part in the multiplier event. Content We organized an event with 4 presentations, information posters, The presentations were hold by Claudia Falter (gap gmbh) and Lena Holder (HdbA). The presentations covered information about the project AMICO, partners and outcomes with a special focus on Transnational Job Placement Toolkit and Mobility Welcome Service Management Tool. Additionally, there were given basic information about intra-EU-mobility, current figures and peculiarities of incoming, outgoing and returning. In addition to that, there was an informative corner with two posters and flyers provided by HdbA. The information posters represented the project’s background, survey results and activities as well as general information about mobility, decision-making and behavior of mobile people. There were various flyers: The virtual welcome service “Make it in Germany”, the IQ network that offers financial and counselling support for the validation of foreign qualifications, an information brochure of Germany as a potential destination country and an information flyer about AMICO’s training and its content. Besides, the information provided the exchange round was actively used to come into contact, provide further information about the tools. Especially the training institutions were interested in further informations about the Mobility welcome service management toolkit.

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