Multiplier Event – RINOVA, Uk

PROJECT AMICO – Tools for European labour mobility, UK

UK FINAL MULTIPLIER EVENT 7 SPEED MEETING - Friday 3 August at the Karamel Club in London Participants: 33 Rinova held the final multiplier event and speed meeting of the Amico project in the UK on Friday 3 August at the Karamel Club in London. The event promotion was targeted at creative media entrepreneurs and mobility counsellors. Over 30 people attended, a large proportion of whom were young start-up media creatives interested in mobility opportunities. The audience also included established creative media companies, freelancers and mobility advisers. Rinova presented the Amico Mobility Service and the results of the Amico project and collected feedback from audience members who had participated in the programme. The event also included transnational mobility speed meetings via Appear Here connecting with employers in Italy, Germany and Spain. Finally, there was a detailed explanation of how the mobility service operates for young entrepreneurs, and a presentation by a participant who had undertaken a successful six months exchange with a Host company. The meeting ended with an opportunity for questions, refreshments and networking.