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Vocational Educational Training


ERIFO is an Accredited VET-Tertiary Level, recognized by the Lazio Region, providing career guidance and higher education. It provides accredited private and financed courses for graduates (secondary school and University level). It is registered in the National Research List (Ministry of Scientific Research) (56529XXZ).

It is also accredited by the Ministry of Education for the lifelong learning of school staff for formal and e-learning courses. Since 02/2014, ERIFO has been accredited as job placement provider (Ministry of Labour, Code: H501S006520). Besides, ERIFO has a framework agreement with UNCI LAZIO (Unione Nazionale Cooperative Italiane) in order to promote the implementation of VET, stages, traineeships in associated enterprises, amounting to approximately 500 cooperatives active in the Lazio Region area.