Mobility Job Counsellor Curriculum



At present the educational offer specifically dedicated to international job counseling and placement is scarce. However, current trends in Europe show that an increasing number of people is willing to look for a job outside national borders. The Mobility Job Counsellor Curriculum will contribute to fill this gap, offering a specialisation course that provides knowledge and expertise on job counselling with a transnational dimension. The aim is the creation of a new professional figure: the Mobility Job Counsellor. The curriculum is articulated in 4 modules and 2 laboratories:

Module 1 – International Counselling and Placement
This module covers knowledge of labour market behavior; local and EU laws and legislation related to business, enterprises and employees; human resources management as well as knowledge of professional roles, competences and classification systems. The module focuses on the ICT sector but it can be adapted to other sectors as well.

Module 2 – Customer Orientation
Module 2 focuses on customer orientation, in order to understand customers’ needs and motivations. Special attention will be given to issues such as the management of client’s decision-making process, creating a relationship of trust with the client, corporate communication and information management.

Module 3 – EU Intercultural Management
This module is intended to provide students with a set of critical thinking and applied skills in relation to the multicultural dynamics produced by the transnational movement of workers in the European Union. Topics will cover cultural awareness and multicultural counselling, understanding the socio-political context of the European labour market and the application of the ethical approaches in the counselling and guidance process.

Module 4 – International Service Management
The last module includes topics of networks and cooperation at national and European level, including where to receive correct information about intra-EU-mobility, building networks, and the implementation of marketing strategies to improve the mobility service.


  • Co-working Laboratory – Organising an International Counseling and Placement Service
    Students will put into practice students’ ability to organize a mobility guidance service, converting the organizational skills from formal to non-formal.
  • Virtual Mobility Laboratory – Building Networks
    Students will learn how to identify and select stakeholders and they will put into practice their networking and communication skills, in order to strengthen their ability to build networks